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Elements on a page has to be relevant to each other for it to not be considered a bad layout. On a poster you want your logo to be apart from all the little text that you want the view to look at, such as names, address, and contacts. With elements you never want to have it all look alike and confuse the viewers. Associating the big title with the main image, with the logo close by makes the grouping much more interesting to look at, and having the text wrap around the main image describing it. It helps convey your message so the reader can easily understand it.


Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy is the order in which someone looks at your piece. It is like the center of attention, which doesn’t have to be the center of the piece.

Z Pattern

Z Pattern is how a you look at an artwork’s layout. Normally you’d start at the top right and your eyes would lead you around the piece in a Z pattern. It is important because it’s how you would attract people to your work and if it’s not organized this way they could be confused.

Inspiration #6 – The ocean water

These pictures inspire me because its of the ocean one where the waves are hitting the beach and one where it looks calm. Every time the ocean waves crash onto the sand it brings something different, like they have their own personalities.

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Inspiration #5 – Art

I found this piece of art right outside the French Quarter of New Orleans, it is in memory of all those who suffered during the Holocaust. Every angle you look at this art work is a different image.

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Inspiration #2 – My parents

My parents inspire me because they are always there for me. Both my parents are hard workers and they never argue with each other. They are very laid-back and very cool about everything. My mom always has a shoulder for me to cry on, and my dad is silly and teaches me how to drive. My dad had appendicitis a few years ago and he was so strong through it all, and it just inspires me how tough he is.
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