Breadth Portfolio

I would give my portfolio a 3 because; some of my pieces are not in my own voice. It also shows limited range of purpose. Also, I feel that I have limited sense of the task put forth in showing the principles of design.  I think that my work is very repetitive and can be extended further. I seem to use the same kind of mind set in creating them. Pictures are a bit low quality could be better. What I could do to make this portfolio better it to maybe go back and edit my pieces more elaborately and to make it look finished. Also, add more original ideas to it. The breadth assignment in my opinion that needs the most improvement is breadth three, because it is not the best of my ability. It flat out doesn’t make sense and doesn’t look good either.

Breadth 1

Breadth 2

Breadth 3 Part 1

Breadth 3 Part 2

Breadth 4

Breadth 5

Breadth 6

Breadth 7

Breadth 8

Breadth 9

Breadth 10

Breadth 11

Breadth 12


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