Breadth #5 – Research & Inspiration


My favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. Because it is very abstract and it brings back my childhood.

The story line of this movie is trying to break free from the spell that is casted on each of the characters. The witch of the waste casts a spell on Sophie which turns her old. Howl got his heart stolen by a fire demon named Calcifer,  who runs his castle. Howl has to fight a war for the king and is somewhat of a monster because he doesn’t have a heart to know how to judge if he is doing the right thing or not. And he is very careless and cowardly.

Secondary theme is the love interest between Sophie and Howl. He feels the heaviness and the burden of his heart. How she ends up become young again but still has “starlit” colored hair.

What I think about their love interest is that there will be a blue sky and green grass meadow. Mood = love. Sophie and Howl. Very simple.

Colors: Very natural, blue sky with clouds and very green grassy meadow with flowers and mountains.

Mood: Love between Sophie and Howl and the burden of his heart. And how she isn’t old anymore but she still has “starlit” colored hair.

Characters: Howl and Sophie.

Other Visuals: a cottage in the back ground and maybe howl’s castle too.


By Elizabeth To's Portfolio Posted in Breadth