Unequal Spacing | Stuff Designers Do

The principle of unequal spacing is to help the viewers eyes  make it easier to look at a canvas. It gives emphasis to what you what someone to be looking at. It allows a simple piece of art to be more interesting and fun to look at. Having an ink blot in the middle all alone is not exciting, but moving it to the right corner and giving it an unequal position is more exciting. Having two ink blots you want the viewer to be able to tell which one you want more focus on, so you place is unequally on the right and the less focus one on the left, you move the one that is more emphasized to the right because it’s more of a prominent area. A business card that is split in half is boring and the image and the text are fighting for which is more important. You would shrink the image and move the text so it would have more space so you help the viewer choose what to look at first.